About Us

After 10 years of development, we have gathered outstanding talents in creative design, machinery, electrical appliances, multi-material application, sculpture, coloring and other related fields, we provide customers with high quality unique entertainment products and customized services.

Our regular products are realistic animatronic models, animatronic costumes and puppets suitable for parks, amusement parks and museums, such as animatronic dinosaur, animal model, dinosaur costume, animal costume etc.

We also customize large and small animatronic special effect models, creative floats, special performance costumes, props, theme sets and shopping center festival decorations for domestic and foreign event companies.

We provide one-stop service from design to installation for your project. If you are lack of import experience, it doesn’t matter, we can handle shipment and customs and deliver products to your door even for one piece order.

To make your project easier and easier is our service concept. We are all with passion for what we do, and desire to try new things, expect to work with you.


feedback from customers

  • Ricardo alejos david

    This is the one,this is the best t-rex in the world,l really love it.

  • Scott Heese

    Hello,Amazing!Thank yuo.Excited to see and hear the finshed

  • Mike Jones

    I really like it.Good cooperation!

  • Kelly Swan

    Thank u,wish the next cooperation.