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  • Animatronic mechaniccal realistic cartoon dragon for amusement park

    • Model: animatronic Model
    • Size: 1.16M
    • Color: customized
    • Power: 800-1200W
    • MOQ: 1
    • Lead Time: 15-30 days
    • Optional: Brushing, roll coating
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    Animatronic mechaniccal realistic cartoon dragon for amusement park



    Input AC 110/220V ,50-60HZ
    Plug Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / or depends on request
    Control mode Automatic / Infrared / remote / coin / Button / Voice / Touch / Temperature / shooting etc
    Waterproofing grade IP66
    Working condition Sunshine, rain, seaside, 0~50℃(32℉~82℉)
    Optional function Sound can be increased to 128 kinds Smoke,/ water. / bleed / smell / change color / change lights / LED screen etc interactive(Location tracking) / conversine(currently only Chinese)


    Service Need be cut for shipping,fwill provide a detailed installation manual.
    Warranty We provide 2 years warranty for all of our antrimatronic models, the warranty pieriod starts from freight arrives at destination port. Our warranty covers motor, reducer, control box, etc.
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